Monday, January 15, 2007


DHMO Update
HazMat Removal

Far be it from me to give our Government any more revenue generating ideas, but what's the deal with all of these folks removing solid DHMO in our fair city. I asked around, and apparently no license is required to handle this material.

DHMO is a Hazardous Material!!! Yet anyone with the proper equipment can cart it away, or worse, just push it out of the way, depositing it where it will no longer be a bother. It's typical of our Government's handling of the DHMO scourge in our country. It's a problem that they just want to ignore or, worse yet, blatantly lie about how DHMO isn't a problem. Let me tell you, I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, DHMO, particularly solid DHMO has been a problem all winter now. And I hear things are worse in Denver.

The Governement denies that DHMO is harazdous, and allows every Tom, Dick and Harry to remove it. Got a pick-up and some shovels? Your a DHMO removal tech! Worse, and I actually saw this recently, children, they couldn't have been more than 14 years old, were removing DHMO from the grounds of a contaminated residence. Children! The poor kids were wearing improvised protective clothing to protect their faces, to cover their mouths as not to ingest the insidious chemical compound. DHMO ingestion has proven to be fatal! Yet we allow children, unliscensed children, to remove this harardous material.

Since our Government won't even admit that DHMO is dangerous, I doubt that they'll ever require training and liscensing for DHMO HazMat removal specialists. How many must die before we learn our lesson.



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