Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Circling the Drain

A far better writer (and blogger) than me, Shawn Michael Bitz posted this in his recent column in the Rapid City Weekly News:

By your feedback, here’s your Top 10 Circling the Drain comments:

10) America’s middle class has officially been dismissed. Please turn in your badges and keys.

9) L. Ron Hubbard’s descendants and three aliens could live comfortably for one year on the money Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will spend on wedding napkins.

8) It now appears the delay of the last shuttle launch was due to an astronaut’s attempt to sneak hair gel on board in a backpack.

7) Calvin Klein’s new fragrance Slasher will mimic pheromones released by females attacked by Jack The Ripper.

6) FDA approves the drug Niagara for sex offenders and Viagra overdoses.

5) Studies show that using sunscreen may cause depression and obesity in fast food workers.

4) Scientists announce the first cloning of a copycat.

3) Gary Ridgeway, America’s most prolific serial killer, recently tested positive for steroids. His kill total will now have an asterisk: 48*.

2) Glamour magazines will now only feature models who weigh less than their purses.

1) Pictures of missing transvestites are being displayed on cartons of half and half.

Check out the Rapid City Weekly News every week for more. Also, check out SMB's blog, conveniently linked to this blog.



That's SHAWN, BOJ. The alternate, not the standard, Irish spelling.

And Mule Deer is on Letterman tonight. Watch.
I can't believe I did that. Shawn. Wasn't in a hurry or anything. I'm such an ass.

I'll definitely be checking out the Mule Deer tonight.
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