Saturday, January 27, 2007


Cancer Therapy 'Shortens Penises'

Yet another way in which life is monumentaly unfair:

Eighteen months [after treatment] researchers assessed the men again, and found a decrease in average stretched penile length from 14.2 to 8.6 centimetres (5.59 to 3.39 inches).

Geez, you've already got cancer and to have any chance of getting better you have to potentially shorten your doodle?

Writing in the Journal of Urology, the team led by Dr Ahmet Haliloglu, said: "Our findings support observations of decreased penile length after hormonal therapy plus external beam radiation therapy for local or locally advanced prostate cancer.

"Patients should be counselled before therapy that penile shortening may occur."

Counselled? Yeah, but who would even consider the alternative? I mean who would really rather have prostate cancer than a slightly (well, 5.59 inches, that's not really slightly) longer penis?

"We would urge men not to be put off seeking treatment or advice about prostate cancer because of this, but to make sure they talk to their doctors in detail about all the possible side effects of a particular treatment."

Oh, how I wish I was making this up, but it's a real story.


What about those who may barely have 5" to begin with, then get prostate cancer? Could it become an inney?

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