Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Broken Machines

I was just over at Broken Machines, the blog brought to you by Slick, a frequent contributor to The Globex Corporation Newsletter.

I'd seen the following before, but I always liked it and thought I should just steal it and post it here:

Phrases to Abolish

  • You the man!

  • You do the math

  • Win win situation

  • My bad

  • Been there, done that

  • Not a happy camper

  • No brainer

  • Bang for the buck

  • Sounds like a plan

  • You snooze you lose

  • Git r done

  • Are we/you having fun yet?

  • Think outside the box

  • I’m all about _________

  • Bad hair day

  • _________ has issues

  • OK, I didn't steal them all, head over to Broken Machines to see the really good ones.



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