Wednesday, January 17, 2007



I wrote an elaborate bitch when I got home last night. I'd like to say it was well written, but in truth I haven't looked at it since I got up and I was drinking when I wrote it. It was probably a piece of crap, so it'll just stay in drafts. Maybe I'll read it again later, though I most likely will never post it.

Why not post it? Because it won't do a bit of damn good. I post from my point of view, therefore I bitch from my point of view. Now in my view, when I'm bitching, it's because I'm pointing out something that's wrong. That's my point of view and the reality of others may differ. In fact, if I bitch, it may indicate to others that, in their reality, I'm the one who's wrong.

Dealing with the reality of others means that all the bitching in the world won't do any good. Others think they're right, and, depending on how strong they hold their convictions, no amount of bitching on my part is going to change their mind.

Worse yet, I come off as an asshole. It doesn't matter how right I am, if I write something that someone else doesn't want to hear, I end up being the asshole.

So if I have an actual bitch this morning, it's that bitching doesn't do any good. Not a damn bit of good and this whole exercise is pointless.


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