Friday, December 08, 2006


Sue Foley Photo Friday

Really, do I need to say anything anymore?

It's Sue Foley Photo Friday. I like it. A lot. I hope you do too.



She's wearing those godawful striped pants again.
Sue can wear whatever she wants. Just look at her! She can't possibly look bad in, admittedly godawful pants.....
Who can argue with that? Oddly, we seem to be in total agreement, she looks fabulous despite the godawful pants. How does she do this? Style challenged women everywhere need to know her secret!!
The secret? She's a hot redhead. She can get away with chainmail as far as I'm concerened. No, wait, that would be kind of sexy anyway......

She can get away with weary plaid undewear.... no that's kind of sexy too....

Well, she's a hot redhead. She can get away with godawful striped pants. 'Nuff said....
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