Sunday, December 03, 2006


Seattle 23 - Denver 20

Broncos rookie quarterback Jay Cutler is dragged
down for a loss by Seahawks defensive end Bryce
Fisher in the fourth quarter. (AP)
I generally try to put a positive spin on these post game wraps. And there was a lot to be positive about tonight. That defense, that Broncos defense is amazing. Yes, I realize that Hasselbeck and Shawn Alexander probably aren't 100%, but still, the defense gave up just one TD. Throw in that yet another team was stupid enough to throw in the direction of Champ Bailey, and there was plenty to be positive about.

Offensively, Tatum Bell racked up 133 yards on the ground. He's a good one, though it seems that anyone the Broncos put back there seems to rush for 100 ards. I don't mean to take anything away from Tatum, but the system is sound, the Broncos can run the ball.

Here's the deal. This is particularly for all of you people who were calling for Jay Cutler in the pre-season, for all of you who wanted Cutler when the Broncos were 7-2, the differnce in tonight's game was Jay Cutler. His stupid interception in the first half was the difference in the game. Seattle was outplayed, couldn't put the ball into the end zone. They got a gift TD on a bad play.

Imagine, a rookie QB starting for this team from the beginning. Jake Plummer has had his share of stupid plays this year, but this team never would have got to 7-2 with Cutler at QB. At least not with the Cutler we saw tonight. Ten for 21 and 143 yards, nearly half of that on one TD pass to Brandon Marshall. Two TD's but two INT's as well. Not a stellar night for the rookie QB.

Not that he won't be good some day. I'm sure he will. It's just tough to replace a veteran QB with a rookie on a playoff calibre team.

But the choice has been made. Cutler is the man now for better or for worse. He'll need to play better, better than he did tonight, better than Plummer played the first 11 games of the season for me to be 100% behind this move.

Next week is San Diego, a defense much better than that the Seahawks showed tonight. Here's hoping the rookie has a better night next week.


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