Saturday, December 23, 2006


The Return of Fake Gambling

Picks for week 16:

  • Kansas City at Oakland UNDER (36) - $100

  • Kansas City (-7) at Oakland - $100

  • New Orleans (+3) at New York Giants - $100

  • Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-3) - $100

  • Chicago at Detroit UNDER (42) - $100

  • Cincinnati at Denver (-3) -$100

  • Cincinnati at Denver UNDER (44.5) - $100

  • Philadelphia (+7) at Dallas - $100

  • BOJ's Week 16 Stake: $1600
    BOJ's Week 14 Wagered: $800

    Three unders this week. KC hasn't been scoring much lately and the Raiders play pretty good D, but the Chiefs just have too much firepower and 36 points is just way too low. Chicago plays good D, the Lions don't do anything well. Under 42? Seems like a safe bet to me. Yes, the Bengals can play offense, but Carson Palmer may be hiding a torn rotator cuff, it's going to be cold and nasty in Denver and the Broncos can still play pretty good defense. And teams seem to be stupid enough to throw in the direction of Champ Bailey. I'll go under 44 and a half.

    Other picks aren't any good. I don't know what I'm doing.

    No sign of Jason. He's only a little over $100 down, they probably wouldn't whack him over that piddly amount....

    AN ASS

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