Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Positive About Honesty

Honesty!!!! Yeah!!!! I love Honesty!!!!

I love honesty almost as much as I love sarcasm!

Yeah, being honest has always worked out for me. Telling people exactly what I think has never been to my disadvantage. Never. Honesty is great, and nothing bad ever comes from it. Not to me, anyway.

My honesty has never hurt anybody. No one's honesty has ever hurt me. Honesty is the greatest thing in the world, especially when you have to fucking drag it out of people. That's when it's most satisfying. Somebody doesn't want to tell you something, has been hiding it for days. So you drag it out of them. Yeah. Satisfying!

Just what I wanted to hear. And being honest in return? Oh, yeah! That's freaking nirvana! It's so appreciated! Yeah, I love honesty! It's exactly what I want to hear. Exactly.


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