Tuesday, December 12, 2006


More Unauthorized Use

It amazes me that mere amateurs think they can play this email game with me. Remember I got an apology out of AOL for calling me. Just who does this Mark Houston think he's dealing with?


Look again at your definition. "The act of competing". That's all you were involved in, the "act" of competition. There is no guarantee you would have won anything! A competition does not guarantee a winner! Had there been enough entrants, judges would have listened to the songs and then picked qualifiers. Maybe yours would have made the cut, maybe not (probably not because of the content). But nowhere in the rules did it state that you would be a "guaranteed" qualifier or winner. We did notify entrants about the cancellation. I apologize if you did not receive the notice, which is probably the case since you have been the only entrant to complain.

And please don't suggest that anyone was "insulting" your intelligence. If you want to talk about things putting you "in a great mood", try having your personal e-mails splattered across a blog that you know nothing about.

Mark Houston

First thought, if you didn't know that your "personal" email was being "splattered" (need to make fun of that, but appreciate the graphic imagry) across a blog, then why would you care? I provided the link. Only thought it was fair. But I had more to say:

Personal emails? You're taking this personally? I thought you were acting in your professional capacity. I mean, before this email you included your title every time. Also, emails were sent from your place of employment. Seems like professional, work related email to me.

Just take out of the definition what you want I guess. "The act of competing." Forget all about "for supremacy, a prize, etc." Doesn't fit your argument, so forget that it exists. Had something really, really funny here, but it would have been seen as insulting your intelligence, and I won't stoop to that level.

I actually wrote "Or did your lips get tired from all of that reading." That would have been wrong, so I didn't do it.....

I appreciate that you tried to contact people that the competition was cancelled. I received no such notice, but I did move shortly after the non-existent competition began. I did contact you shortly after moving, but was told that the non-existent competition was still on. My only actual complaint is that entrants weren't notified of the cancellation of the previously-existent competition. And while I received no notification, I understand how failure to notify me could have happened.

I got one last response:


Personal or private, the e-mails were used in a capacity that was not authorized. Semantics, I guess.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to hash this out. Again, we aplogize if you didn't receive the notice of cancellation. Good luck in any future song-writing endeavors.

Yeah, watch yourself with me. Say what you mean or don't say anything at all. I'd better watch my ass with all of this unauthorized use.

So what happened here? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Story of my fucking life, I follow the rules and the rules get changed. Sometimes, like this time, I get an apology. I got an apology only after nearly a year and a whole lot of bitching.

On the other hand it did take my mind off the personal bullshit that I'm going through right now, if only for a little while. Also re-directed my anger in other directions so as not to piss off people that I actually know. Well, not piss them off any more, anyway.....


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