Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Kickin' it on the MBW, Yo!

While yesterday's Positive Tuesday post may have been bitchy enough, and got me in enough hot water, to have no need for an MBW, I'll post one anyway, because I care about you, the fine readers of the Globex Corporation Newsletter.

This one will be really personal as well. I had been living in the RC near my family. My parents, my sister and her three kids lived there. My oldest niece got married and had wonderful son, Julian.

I took lots of pictures, we all took lots of pictures of the boy. My sister is divorced but wanted her ex-husband to be able to see pictures of his new grandson. His new wife protested, not liking to receive photos from his ex-wife. Whatever, people can be so fucking stupid.

But I came up with a solution. An elegant solution, I thought. I made a Flickr photo sharing site for Julian. I posted lots of photos to the site and let Julian's grandfather know about it. I know that Julian's grandfather checks out the site quite often. So in that regard the site was successful.

I, of course let the rest of the family know about the site. Links were sent to other more far flung relatives. Everybody seemed to like it. This was so cool. And, I enjoyed posting photos of Julian because he's a real cutie. Also because I'm a proud great uncle.

I took a job in Cheyenne last January. My neice was pregnant again, due about a month after I would be in Cheyenne. One of the last things I asked was that Julian's Flickr site be kept up, and that the knew child have a site as well.

"We don't know how!" Everyone protested.

"It's easy!" I replied and then showed whoever wanted to learn how to post photos to the website.

A couple of photos were posted by my sister a couple of weeks after I moved, but that was it. The tragically named Aaires was born on February 25th and a Flickr site was created by my sister. On February 26th, two photos of Julian and Aaires together were posted on Julian's site. Since that day, those have been the last photos posted by anyone in my family.

I continued to post photos. When people would email me photos I would sometimes post them. Even a couple of print photos mailed to me were scanned in and then posted. Now, remember that I created Julian's Flickr site, I know the log in and password, so I can do this. Aaires' site was created after I moved. I have no clue how to post photos to his site. I don't want to. I shouldn't have to, I'm the distant relative, it sort of fucking defeats the purpose.

After a while of nobody posting, I asked why people weren't posting photos.

"It's too hard." They would reply. "We don't have time, we don't know how."

I showed people again how to post photos. A few more months passed, still no photos.

"We don't know how, show us how."

I'd already showed them how. Numerous times. Nothing happened.

In September I was in the RC for Julian's second birthday. We took lots of pictures. I posted a bunch when we got back to my folks' house. My neice was going to post some photos that she took. I would have done it from her house, but she couldn't get the photos off of her camera because she lost the cord for her camera. Built in excuses with my family. Nobody posted any photos but me.

I emailed what I refer to as "Fucking Moron Instructions" to everybody in the family who has a camera and a little more ready access to the boys than I do. I figured if I made it simple, offered simple step by step instructions, that somebody, anybody, would post photos.

They haven't. You know, the "Fucking Moron Instructions" were originally part of a longer email, one in which I told the family that they were, well, Fucking Morons, for not posting photos. I didn't send it. I simply sent the "Fucking Moron Instructions" to the fucking morons. Didn't do any good.

I'm starting to think that nothing is going to do any good. I started the Flickr site so that Julian's grandfather, a man that nobody in our family gives a shit about anymore, could see pictures of his grandson. Hey, I don't give a shit about the guy. He shit on a family member. But family is family. If I can come up with a way for him to see pictures of his grandson, I will.

The problem is that nobody in my family thinks the same of me. I sometimes think that they care even less for me than they do the man who divorced my sister. I moved. I'm the relative who lives out of the area. Why can't they do for me the same thing I did for someone who nobody gives a shit about?

Pisses me off greatly, but that's what the MBW is all about.....


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