Friday, December 29, 2006


It's not the Snow so Much.....

It started to snow here last night as we were having Christmas with my neices and great nephews who got to spend the holiday in Florida, all sick. Before you envy them too much, sounds like everyone there was sick, Aaires having to be cleared to fly because of a possible ear infection and possible pnemonia. Sounds like it's not pnemonia and the little guy had a ton of energy last night, though not much interest in opening presents. Julian seemed to really enjoy the Duplo blocks I gave him. Kids seem to just know how those things work. He got lots of stuff that he can build things with, so his creative needs will be fulfilled.

I checked the weather first thing this morning. We had a bit of snow on the ground here, thought the snow has stopped. I checked the road conditions as well. I-25 is closed south of Wheatland at this writing, so I'm not going anywhere right now. Have to call work and let them know that I won't be in, though Jason and I have been emailing a little bit as there's some odd timecard irregularities because they've changed their minds on how they're handling the last major snow event.

So sometime tonight, or very early tomorrow, I'll be hitting the road and heading back to Cheyenne. Not much I can do here except hang out with sick kids and play with Duplo blocks. I've had worse times being snowed in......


My God, man!!! It's Sue Foley Photo Friday! Give us the pic!!!
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