Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I Am an Ass

Note - Generally these notes don't go well, but here I go again. You think at some point I'd learn.

I know I said I'd forgo blogging until next Sunday. Then I looked at a calendar. Next Sunday is Christmas eve. I'll be on the road all day Sunday, heading back to the RC after an evening at work. When I get there I'll be making bread, going to chruch and then opening presents with the family. Not much time for blogging. The next day will be Christmas, another family day. I guess what I'm saying is that the whole next week will be pretty busy for me.

A one week Blog Hiatus could easily turn into two. This does take some effort on my part. It takes up a pretty big chunk of my time. And there's a rhythm to it. I fear losing that rhythm. If I stop that could happen.

Finally, I was in the shower and the idea for this post came to me....

I Am an Ass

I am an ass. I don't know if I always was, don't know how long I've been one, but I have been an ass for some time now. I prefer the term ass unmodified, I don't really like the prefixes smart- or wise-, really don't care for dumb- as I don't think it usually applies. I really don't like the suffix -hole, seems too hurtful.

I'm just your regular run of the mill ass. I'm a garden variety ass. I can't deny it. It's who I am. I have all of the tendencies that mark the ass. I always have to comment, usually in a needling fashion. Everything is a joke to me.

Every song I've written except for two are indicitive of the ass that I am. And both show my ass-like tendencies, they aren't completely serious they kind of started off with a joke and found a more serious direction as I wrote.

As a side note, it amazes me when people, generally women I'm in relationships with, say I'm too serious. Too serious? You don't get it! I am an ass. An ass like me is not capable of the type of seriousness that I've been accused of.

I am an ass. It's who I am. It's what seems to attract people to me. My friends know I'm an ass. That's probably why they're my friends. Every woman I ever dated became interested in me while I was acting like an ass. Even women I didn't officially "date" (proper notification forms for romantic intent were not filed witht the states of Wyoming, Colorado or South Dakota) became intrigued by me because of my ass-like qualities. And I play it up. I know people like it when I'm an ass. Sometimes I overdo it, but that's something an ass would do.

At this point in my life, I will most likely contionue to be anass. I'll continue to do things that piss people off. It's what I do, I am an ass.

I'm sorry, extremely sorry when my ass-ness hurts people. That is never been my intent. I try to be a harmless ass. I know it doesn't always work out that way, but it's how it's meant.


I'm sure you're pleased as long as I'm sure to point out that I'm an ass.
Most people merely have an ass. You, BOJ, dare to BE an ass.
I am the ass of any two people...

I have the ass of any two people...
Dude! After being your roommate for that long, I aspire to be half the ass you are... you rock!

By the way, I'm getting into leather work/tooling... if you come up with a line-art style graphic denoting your ass-ness, I'll try to carve and dye it in leather for you.

- Quinn

PS... Merry Christmas, give the folks a hug for me!
Geez, say I'm AN ASS and people just line up to agree with me.....
Hey... if more people were openly genuine asses instead of assholes I think we'd have a society full of more respect and in return require less tolerance. I've been doing a lot of thinking the last year in Hell-A about those two words:

People don't respect that other people may want peace and quiet, instead the other people have to tolerate their desire to make noise (loud music, loud exhaust on vehicles, honking horns, children crying in adult resturants, etc).

People don't respect that people born and in this country more often than not speak, read, and write in English, instead those born and raised here have to tolerate the immigrants and their advocates desire to not only not learn English but try to push that everyone learns their languages instead.

People don't respect the value of traffic laws for safety of themselves and others, instead everyone has to tolerate the fact that people don't use turn signals (yes, even the Police), don't drive the speed limit, don't obey traffic signals, and tailgate you if you're not going as fast as they want you to (like 15 over the limit isn't fast enough?).

Most people won't respect another persons persuit of happiness if it doesn't fit their idea of what society should be like (gay marriage is a prime example) yet those who want to pursue those other lifestyles have to tolerate the ingorance and arrogance of the bible bangers who seem to dictate the law.

Sorry to rant on your blog dude... but I just wanted to point out that you being an ASS is wonderful... live it up!

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