Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Haven't Written One of These in a While....

It was a busy night down at Dunn Bros., just like I remember it being. With my sister in tow, I showed up a little before 7pm. Mike was already on stage as we found a seat. I was almost immediately asked on stage by Mike and we went through a couple of tunes, Neil Young's Heart of Gold, Toad the Wet Sprocket's Walk on the Ocean and finishing up with a Gypsy Kings inspired version of the Eagle's Hotel California. Suprisingly, I remember most of my harmonica parts, all of the lyrics and some of how I sang harmonies on each of these tunes. Mike and I made a practice tape for me to work on harmonies with, and I will occasionally play it while driving, so most of it was pretty fresh to me even though we hadn't played together in about a year.

A couple other people played, and then I got my chance. They're down to 10 minute sets at Dunn Bros. now, which worked out fine for me. I started out with Wall Drug, then went on to Great Guy which I actually remembered most of the words to, and while I mentioned that there are now alternate lyrics, I didn't play them, deciding that they are definitely not fair, and I'm much more of a "great guy" than the person I wrote those particular lyrics about. Finished up with In My Hand another relationship song, another song based on a true story, or at least a real conversation. joined by Mike on bass. Actually, Mike added some bass to Great Guy as well.

Arnie, who actually works with 5-55 who inspired the song, asked if I could send him the lyrics and "cowboy chords" above the words, what ever that means. Since I wrote it, it's pretty easy to play, having just 5 chords in the song, I'm sure Arnie, who's a much better guitar player than myself can make something good out of it.

Ran into some folks, got to see some folks play, that I hadn't seen or talked to in quite a while. I remember what a huge part of my life this little Wednesday night get together used to be, how much blog space has been devoted to it. It's a special event, something that's great and cheap for an unemployed, inferior songwriter to do. I miss it a lot.

My days off change this coming week, and while this will allow me to play some of the open mics in Ft. Collins, it will never be the same. It will never be just running down the hill and jumping on stage with people I know. It will be playing in front of people I don't know, which is its own rush.

Or maybe I'll just stick to playing in the front yard during cookouts or heading out to the park and frightening children.....


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