Friday, December 08, 2006


Fake Gambling Week 14

The Fake Gambling Picks are In! The Fake Gambling Picks are In!!!!

  • Baltimore at Kansas City UNDER (36) - $100

  • Minnesota at Detroit (-1.5) - $100

  • Indianapolis (-1) at Jacksonville - $100

  • Philadelphia (-1) at Washington - $100

  • BOJ's Week 14 Stake: $1600
    BOJ's Week 14 Wagered: $400

    I wuss out again. Win and then play it conservativly. It's my fake gambling MO. Seems to be working, though

    Baltimore is plaing great defense and even though the Chiefs can put up some points, well, so could the Bengals and look what happened last Thursday. The under seems like a good bet.

    A fake gambling first. I take a favored Detroit team. A favored Detrit team. I can't remember even ever saying "favored Detroit team." Mineesota is a mess. So is Detroit, but they're more comfortable there. The Lions win going away.

    One of those lines I can't figure out. Yeah, Indy dropped a game to Tennessee last week. That kind of thing just isn't going to happen against a J'ville team that's going the wrong direction. Indy against J'ville? I'll gladly give up one measly point.....

    Philadelphia is actually playing pretty good football after the loss of Donovan McNabb. Washington hasn't played good football since the pre-season. I'll take the Eagles and surrender a soitary point.

    Jason's one and only pick:

  • Denver (+7.5) at San Diego - $250

  • Jason's Week 14 Stake: $137.50
    Jason's Week 14 Wagered: $250

    Astute readers may notice a slight discrepency here. Jason is betting fake money that he doesn't have. He assures me that it's OK, that the Broncos are a lock, a lead pipe lock, to win this game, forget the sevan and a half points, they're winning this one out right. His eyes kind of glazed over when he told me this. I've seen it before. The fake gambler looking for the big score to pull him out of a losing stretch.

    Really, I should suggest he get help with his fake gambling addition. Then again, at 10% per week interest per week on any defecit, it could probe to be quite a money maker for the fake bookies we gamble with. And he has a job, so it's not like he won't have more fake money rolling in. He's good for it.....


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