Monday, December 11, 2006


Ex-Enron CEO Skilling Gets Prison Delay

This kind of shit really pisses me off. Jeff Skilling of Enron gets his prison time delayed:

According to a docket entry on the court's Web site, the delay was "solely to allow this court to give careful consideration to the request for bail pending appeal." According to the entry, a new report date would be set pending further court order.

I wonder if this would happen for some poor average Joe first time DWI offender. And the place doesn't sound that bad anyway:

"For me, it wasn't the worst experience," said the Rev. Chuck Butler, a retired Methodist minister from nearby Rochester. Butler spent three months in the prison in 2000 after several trespassing arrests for protesting on Georgia's Fort Benning Army base.

"The food they served was actually quite good. It used to be a university extension site, so you'd walk into certain parts and immediately feel like you were on a college campus," he said.

Good food and walking around with a small amount of freedom. I said it before the death of Kenneth Lay, a survey should be done of every single former Enron employee. Skilling should never be allowed to have a life better than any of them. If any of them ever ends up homeless, not knowing where their next meal is coming from, then Jeff Skilling should have to sleep outside and not be fed that day. This man ruined peoples' lives. Ruined them so he could make more mone for himself. That is lowest thing a person can do.


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