Sunday, December 03, 2006


BOJ's Week 13 Gamblng Results.

Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye,
left, and defensive end Mark Anderson
tackle Vikings quarterback Tarvaris
Jackson during the fourth quarter. The
play allowed the Bears to cover the 9 1/2
point spread, winning BOJ 100 fake
dollars. (AP)
With Jason still going with the "bet $12.50 on every single stinking game" strategy, he still has two games left to go. I on the other hand am done with the fake gambling for week 13 unless I choose to put some fake money on either remaining game. Since tonight's game is the Broncos, who I don't like to bet even the fake money on, I won't be betting on that one. Tomorrow's game is intriguing, but since I'll be taking HBBA out for her birthday (I think she's in her 20's, but she won't tell me.....), I won't be able to give the game the attention that all of my fake gambling endevours deserve.

So that most likely means I'm done for the week. And with the Broncos game coming up in mere minutes, my evening will be spent watching football for the pure joy of it. Providing Jay Cutler plays like he did in the pre-season in this, his first NFL start.

So, on to the results:

  • Baltimore 7 at Cincinnati 13 UNDER (42.5) +$200

  • Minnesota 13 at Chicago (-9.5) 23 (Stations line) +$100

  • Kansas City 28 at Cleveland (+5.5) 31 +$50

  • San Diego 24 at Buffalo (+6) 21 +$50

  • New York Jets 38 at Green Bay (+1.5) 10 -$50

  • Dallas (-4) 23 at New York Giants 20 -$100

  • Week 13 Against the Spread: 3-2
    Week 13 Over/Unders: 1-0

    BOJ Season Against the Spread: 25-20-1
    BOJ Season Over/Unders: 7-6-1
    BOJ Balance for Week 11: +$250
    BOJ Total Amount Remaining: $1600

    I completely expected my Ravens/Bengals under to come in. I really didn't think it would come with over 20 points to spare. Wow. Great defense in Baltimore!

    I was sweating the Bears a little, but then I remembered that they were playing the Vikings. Ten points is nothing to give.

    Nice games by home 'dogs Cleveland and Buffalo. I liked both of those picks when I made them. Like them even more now that they came in.

    I probably give Green Bay too much credit. And I don't give the Jets enough. If it weren't for Sean Payton in New Orleans, Mangini would probably be coach of the year for New York.

    Knew the Cowboys would win this one with the issues the Giants are having recently. Thought they'd cover the spread too. They didn't. By one point. It still cost me $100 no matter how much I lost this one by.


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