Saturday, December 09, 2006


Blog Haiku

Listen to serene music played on a Koto while reading this post for maximum effect.

Read Sarcastra's Blog
She posted a nice poem
I made a comment

My muse spoke to me
Haiku in your comment"
My muse is a nerd

Then one Heptasyllabic

Well crafted comment
Others then followed my lead
I've unleashed a beast

Don't know what I've done
Sorry to infect her blog
With cheesy

Check out
Haiku News
Important news of the day
Serenely offered

Don't use my own name here
"Blind Orange" Julius
Call me

My muse is a nerd

I love it. I think my muse is a manic nerd as well. Crazy bitch.

That was the most commented post ever for me. I may have to hold a contest or something. Yes ... I'll work on that.
I only posted a Haiku because I thought I'd get points on 'Broken Machines' - just kidding. The Haiku thing was fun; however; upon a re-reading today on T.L.T.B.E., I discoved that I mishaikued in each post. What a dumbass. Oh, well. Hi, BOJ. You rock!
Sarcastra: Your most commented on blog? Yeah, but 3 were from me, so they can't really all count, can they? I mean it's great that you got so many comments, but I artificially skewed it a little.

Diva Llama: Mishaikued may be the coolest verb ever coined on The Globex Corporation Newsletter. Plenty of cool adjectives, but very few verbs. Anyway, happy to know I rock.
What a very nice welcome to the Globex Corp. Newsletter. I am so happy I could verbify your blog in such a cool way. Usually I'm just naturally dorkily or cheesily entertaining folks with my screw ups.

And, yes, you rock. . .regardless of how sucky your personal life seems to you. I just read somewhere on a blog, motivational poster or some such thing you must remember when you're feeling low-down: To the world you may be one person however to one person you may be the world.

How's that for Velveeta? heh,heh. Hmmmm. . .?
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