Friday, August 11, 2006


Sue Foley Photo Friday

Sue's Best Album Cover
I dropped the ball on all of the "features" this week, with the possible exception of yesterday, in which every word I typed, every link I made, could certainly be classified as Pointless Shit.

I'm listening to Sue Foley's Change, (2004) at the moment. Up to this point, I hadn't heard Change except for the odd track here and there. My admiration for her 2004 effort was soley for the cover. I'm a guy, and Sue has never looked better than she does on the cover of Change.

But I bought it last week and as much as I liked most of her previous albums, Change may be her best (though I haven't heard this year's New Used Car yet).

Change reminds me very much of the time I saw Sue live at The Blue Cafe in Long Beach. Change is an intimate, live recording, primarily acoustic, played in front of a subdued but appreciative crowd. She plays five new originals plus covers by the likes of Memphis Minnie (nobody does Memphis Minnie material better than Sue Foley!!!) Her "little girl voice" (which I adore!) is showing signs of growing up, but still sounds innocent enough to create an interesting counter point to songs like Bessie Smith's Sugar in My Bowl.

There is nothing sexier than a woman who can play and sing the blues, and Sue Foley, in my opinion is one of few female singers today who can handle the classic female blues of the 30's and 40's. Additionally she is able to update that style to today. Check out Sue Foley's Change, there's even a couple of sample tracks at this Ruff Records site.


Nice couch. And ever so much more flattering pants. I approve.
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