Thursday, August 17, 2006


Pointless Shit

An attempt to defuse the previous post so that I don't get too serious. I've translated it into Dutch then back into English using AltaVista's Babel Fish:

This way another yielded go beyond in which I a ' property.' wrong, however, and I did not come know a whole party to female concerning yesterday that I real, really such as my new neighbour namely. More later today, natural, obtuse Tuesday shit will be. If only I could something find that both obtuse and write shitty were approximately.

I feel on this moment free good, nevertheless, so that we must see what perspires. Really cold something happened only. I listen to a music shuffling paces on iTunes and Slappy are Jebus ' "Brian Wilson" came followned by Barenaked Ladies ' "Brian Wilson." For the report, the version of BNL checks within at 4.49 whereas SIJ'S weigh within at fleshy 6.42. More value for your music dollar if you ask me.

And the neighbour Tim (not neighbour I real, really as, but he is a cold kerel) came dealy on shove with new Brian Wilson. He paid attention to a game of giants SF and the aid water pitcher Brian Wilson was in bullpen ready in the game come.

Warmin ' in the pen
Only such as Brian Wilson did omhoog
Warmin ' omhoog in the pen
Only such as Brian Wilson

I tried it that manner in the park the other day, rather chilly sounded. Gramitcally "two Condoms also played" with the new correct lyric poems:

You always tell me
It are only a foolish habit
That we ain't at the grocer rise
And I no pocket must double it
But darlin your explicit lane
Is terribly in makes a mess
And I thinks not you the meaning
Of fourteen points or less

Knows it made me to laugh, but only That One Galle and I would get it.

If you say anything in a silly enough manner, it will at least sound like you're not serious.


For some reason, I like That One Galle. It sounds fancy and sort of retro. Retro to what period, I'm not sure.
I really liked "Obtuse Tuesday Shit." Sadly, Babel Fish didn't change the day of the week, I just typed it in wrong. I'm so obtuse.....
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