Monday, August 28, 2006


Guess The Band

I use a program called iCal to help remind me of the things that are going on in my pathetic life. The trick is, of course, that you have to remember to put things into the calendar.

So I was doing that on Friday. I made a simple two word entry. I smiled to myself as, if taken one way it could mean I'm going to see one of my favorite (if entirely fictional) bands. Taken another way, it's a kind of scary medical testing proceedure. That it's happening at 1pm tomorrow should give you a clue as to which of the two possibilities it actually is.

I had a ride lined up as I'm not supposed to drive (or work - I guess I get a day off from work.....) afterward. As of right now I no longer have a ride because I'm a sad, pathetic loser who tends to speak his mind no matter waht the consequences. The consequences really suck. I guess everyone's right, I don't learn from my mistakes.


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