Sunday, August 13, 2006


Final Installment of Old Band Promotion

It's been a magical couple of weeks and I'm really sorry to see it go. I hope you've enjoyed the stupid stuff I made for the best band that nobody ever heard of.

The final completed Weekly 957 World News offering.

A Weekly 957 World News page that was never completed. Make up your own lame jokes. I really liked the thing about the "Mystery Pontif" for some reason.

Uncompleted promotion for a show that never occured. ONA's rich and controlling uncle sent him to spend a couple of months in a tropical paradise, and I never got him or JB to pose for a photo. Regular reader of this blog and fans of Slappy is Jebus will recognize the "Pez Heads" from the Farewell Concert promotion. Somehow I never got a refridgerator magnet.....


Foiled by that rascally rich uncle! Its been pretty fun seeing these old promos, 957 is easily still one of the most fun moments I've had here! BTW, I'm still waiting for those chicks!
Chicks?!?! What, are you delusional?!?!
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