Sunday, August 27, 2006


Fantasy Football for Kickers?

I've been in Fantasy Football leagues before and they're a lot of fun. I always find that they take a lot of time to be competetive in. Last year I was in a league with a bunch of SD politicos, fun, but some participants sort of stopped playing part way through. That made it tough for me who didn't have a viable QB, some guys never changed their lineups or responded to trade offers. I can sympathize. It really can take a lot of time, and any league should be for fun, not an enormous time waster.

So I tried to think of a league that would be easy to play and wouldn't take a lot of time. There was an NFL promo last year in which NFL stars were drafting Fantasy teams. Adam Vinatieri drafted a team of "All Kickers." Funny stuff, but I started thinking about how much fun that would be and formulated an idea over the past year.

Rosters would be simple, two kickers, two punters. No long involved draft, it would be over in minutes. Kickers would receive points as follows:

Field Goal 3 Points
40-49 yard Field Goal 1 Bonus Point
50+ yard Field Goal 2 Bonus Points
Extra Point Kicked 1 Point
Extra Point Missed -1 Point

Punters would receive points as follows:

Punt Downed Inside the 20 5 Points
Touchback -2 Points
Punt Returned for TD against -20 Points

Big bonuses would apply to Kickers or Punters who did something like a "Real Football Player" on the field:

Offensive yard gained (rushing/receiving/passing/returns) 25 Points per Yard
Recovered Fumble or Blocked Kick 50 Points
Made Tackle 50 Points
Touchdown 100 Points

I don't know, seems like fun for me. These are all stats that that are easy to find at or many other sports related websites.

If anyone has any scoring suggestions or would like to form a league, let me know. I'd post standings and stats right here at The Globex Corporation Newsletter.


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