Monday, August 14, 2006


DHMO Update - Subarus and DHMO

This device for circulating DHMO
in my Subaru failed.....
As stated before, DHMO is used as an industrial coolant. While it is a cheap and effective coolant, it's many of the negatives have been discussed here and at Some may call me an alarmist when I call for a total ban of DHMO. I stand behind my call for a ban, but I understand that the economics of DHMO make it difficult to eliminate from every day life. It shows up when you least expect.

While trying to drive back to the RC a couple of months ago, my Subaru failed about 10 miles north of Cheyenne. I was able to get back to Cheyenne, ended up taking the car to a garage and found out what the problem was. I was surprised to find out that their was an intricate DHMO circulation in my vehicle that aided in temperature control of the engine block. A DHMO pump failed, circulation ceased, the engine overheated, their was damage to the head cover gasket (this lead to the actual fatal problem with that engine, but as it wasn't actually DHMO related, I won't go into it here).

Some would say that it's ironic that BOJ, opponent of all DHMO usage on the planet would be undone by the DHMO circulation device on his own car. I say it only proves my point. We've come to depend on DHMO. But we only use it because it's cheap. There are other industrial coolant options out there. Could they possibly be worse than DHMO? I haven't done the research, but I'd guess that they couldn't be.



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