Saturday, July 29, 2006


Perhaps More Old Band Promotion


Do the alien brain candy references have anything to do with the movie Liquid Sky?
From Kids in the Hall's movie Brain Candy via the 957 song Gleemoneex that was usually referred to as Brain Candy:

What we do is
Reach into your brain
And then we locate
Your happiest memory
And then we lock onto that emotion
And we freeze it there
And it keeps your happy---
Oh it keeps your HAPPY HAPPY!!!!

Sung by TSA through my green bullet harmonica mic.

Still my favorite 957 song, though I don't have a recording of it that I'm really happy with.

Brain Candy
It keeps you mind at ease
Brain Candy
We'll keep in seventy-two degrees
In your head all the time
All the time....

Yes, brain candy. What?
In the very bad, bad, bad yet campy and fun movie, Liquid Sky, the aliens watching us make this remarkable discovery. That the dandiest drug in the entire universe is produced in the human brain at the precise moment of orgasm. The extraction process of obtaining said drug unfortunately results in the death of the unwitting donor. Dead bodies everywhere, what a mess. Puts a negative spin on WwtK!
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