Thursday, July 27, 2006


My Nose is Fine!

I was planning on taking a photo of my nose and attaching it to this post, but something's gone all goofy with my camera so I can't do that. My computer also acted goofy a little bit ago, so I really don't know what was up. I'll work on the camera and see if I can get anything posted later.

Last night while sitting out in front with the folks around the BBQ, I was playing some guitar. As the oddball material was going over so much better than the thoughtful and meaningful material that I hardly ever do, I launched into Vibrator Dependant, which, and I've learned this through lots and lots of experience, always seems to go over well with the ladies. This time, though, it went over well with a guy. A neighbor came by a few minutes later and said "I loved the Mojo Nixon!"

So, apparently, I have pretty cool neighbors who don't seem to care if I play objectionable material in front of my house. Who actually know who Mojo Nixon is!

It was, I guess, our own alternative to the Dierks Bentley & Billy Currington concert that was going on about eight blocks away for Frontier Days. Our concessions were a lot cheaper too.


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