Wednesday, July 26, 2006



Sorry, but this will be brief. I've been out grilling with neighbor Tim, new neighbor Amy came up and we enjoyed kabobs, a little music and a mini-keg of the brew formerly known as Red Ass Ale (there's a story there that I'll get to some other time).

A pretty good day as days go, but this is Mega Bitch Wednesday so I gotta come up with something to bitch about. Here goes. Mini-kegs. When is 5 litres of beer enough? Good God, that's just the star to an evening. Then I look around my apartment for something more to drink, finally finding a flask of bourbon in a suit coat. That's like two shots. Now I'm really craving. Why do I crave booze like this when I'm in no condition to drive? It ain't fair, I tells ya.

Gotta go, Futurama is on......


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