Sunday, July 02, 2006


Legendary Video

You've heard about it, I've mentioned it from time to time but the recording has been held in the vaults at the offices of The Globex Corporation for nearly a year. Now seemed to be the time to unleash it on the world.

Order today and you'll get a candid conversation between SMB and Mike Reardon. So candid that they didn't even realize exactly what they were saying! Now the truth can be told!

I apologize. I hope you managed to have a good time anyway.....


Oh, my, god,... it, does, exist. You realize that by releasing this video you put us all in danger, as the SIJ secret society; who have publicly stated that it and the video do not exist, will have to hunt down and eradicate the memory of anyone who has seen said video. I assume it will involve copious amounts of DHMO and frequent visits to "Perkins"
Secret SIJ society? That's just crazy! Just don't think that too loudly though, for your own sake.
Damn!! I knew I shouldn't have pressed the play button! How long before the thought police cleanse my brain while I sleep? I'm not a member of any weird secret society! What about all those people who were there when the tape was made? What is their dismal fate going to be?!?!?
If there were a secret SIJ Society, all of the people at the taping (except for anyone who's actually played that song with those fellows before and is thereore in on the whole conspiracy) would have been dealt with,

......with extreme prejudice!!!!!

Luckily no such society exists. I've said too much already. Forget I ever said anthing....
Whew, I might actually be able to sleep tonight!
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