Wednesday, July 12, 2006



This is a great show unless
Kornheiser is on vacation.....
Everybody deserves a vacation. Hell, I just sit around watching TV all day and I deserve a vacation. I'm not so self-centered that I don't think that Pardon the Interruption co-host Tony Kornheiser should be allowed to take a vacation on a day when I get to watch the show.

Kornheiser is great, though. Michael Wilbon is good too, but Kornheiser is the man. Now I know that PTI doesn't work with just one host, it's all about two guys yelling at each other (now THAT'S entertainment!), so they always have a guest host when Mike or Tony take a day off.

Some of the guest hosts are good. I remember when Max Kellerman used to fill in. They've also had David Aldridge, Stephen A. Smith, Ralph Wiley and a host of others that I actually liked. Some I didn't like as much, but I didn't hate any of them.


The dorkiest photo
of Dan LeBatard
I could find...
Except for Dan LeBatard.

LeBatard is a sports columnist for the Miami Herald. I don't want to hate him when he fills in on PTI, I just do. He just always comes off as a complete asshole. Being a reporter from Miami, he was the "go to guy" for every episode of Sportscenter when Pat Riley deposed (and yes, that is the proper term in this case) Stan van Gundy as coach of the Miami Heat. He's been the guy ESPN went to when Shaq ended up with the heat, when Shaq wanted to talk abot Kobe. All that crap.

And I hate him.

He's a pompus ass and I just hate watching PTI when he's guest hosting. Apparently I'm not the only one. When LeBatard guest hosts, ESPN gets lots of hate mail about him. In LeBatard's defense, he takes it all with extremely good humor on the show. I can tolerate a guy who doesn't take sports journalism too seriously. Or himself for that matter.

But here's the twist. Kornheiser is the new host of Monday Night Football which movest to ESPN this fall. While I haven't heard anything about what will happen with PTI, my guess is that TK will not be able to do the show any more. And it seems that every time TK or Wilbon take a day off, LeBatard is the guy they fill in with.

So will LeBatard be the new co-host of PTI? I don't know, but I watched a LeBatard PTI today, and I won't be able to take him as the permanent host of one of my favorite shows.

Get Alton Brown instead. They could do a tail gate grill segment. It'd be cool.




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