Monday, July 31, 2006


Hurray! I'm Not a Right-Wing Asshole!

I got a phone call from my High School debate partner on Friday. I had last talked to him in 1998, I'd last seen him in the fall of 1982. He was headed back to the RC for his wife's family reunion and was trying to look me up. He got ahold of my parents who were able to give him a phone number so he called me.

It's damn hard to catch up with someone who you haven't seen in 24 years, who you haven't even talked to in eight. Still we had a great conversation and I'm glad he called. I'd like to get up to see him sometime, but Great Falls is a really long ways away. It's even further than Livingston, and I wouldn't go that far to see Sue Foley. And let's get real here, John isn't nearly as good looking as Ms. Foley.

As a debate team, we were pretty successful. When I think about it now, we were an odd pairing. John went on to be a lawyer, debate being a good training ground for that way of thinking. I wasn't so much debating as performing. I was smart enough and took it just seriously enough, but given the choice of making a cogent point or making my opponent laugh, well, I think you can probably figure out what I did.

It was interesting to found out that he'd kept up with music. We exchanged a few emails, I sent him an mp3 of Plastic Jesus, he sent me one of his trumpet solo with Musikanten Montana, I'm not sure what Musikanten Montana is, but it sounded really good. Again, with music he tended to take it seriously, I tended to try to be silly.

So we exchanged emails and I let him know about the blog and the other one. The most interesting comment I got back from John was, "I'm so glad you didn't turn into a Right-Wing asshole!" Wow, I never thought I gave any indication of that in high school, but, well, I'm glad I didn't turn into a Right-Wing asshole too.


Me too, also. RWA's suk.
To be precise, I said "right-wing asswipe." I think there is a subtle but very real distinction between a right-wing asshole and a right-wing assWIPE.

John (Doug's high school debate partner)
And I always knew he wouldn't turn out to be a right-wing asshole OR a right-wing asswipe.
And I always knew he wouldn't turn out to be a right-wing asshole OR a right-wing asswipe.
AssWIPE - - - My apologies. Geez, it's right there in black and white to, can't even claim I misheard you.....

Still, I'm glad I'm not a Right-Wing Asswipe either, and glad I didn't give indications of that as a teen.

And, yet it's all relative. I dated a young lady (I wrote a song about her, you know the song that wasn't very nice...) who's politics made mine look like Rush Limbaugh's next to her. Still we managed to have a good time together until she didn't know the meaning of fourteen items or less.....
It should actually be fourteen items or FEWER.
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