Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Even More Old Band Promotion


We're halfway done with these.....


These 957 things are really cool. Where did you get the picture of one of my x's?
Ed, we all have her picture. Isn't she the Playmate for February, 2001?
Hey, BOJ, the world wants to know how your nose is healing. Update, please.
Yeah, how is that wound? Tink, I did not know about the playmate thing. Why am I always so left out?
Doggone it Ed! You have outed me! You are one of the privileged few who knows that I am also Tink. Unfortunately, now we're going to have to electronically simplify your brain. There. That didn't hurt much, did it? And about the Playmate thing, many, many people have secret lives that they tell no one about. Including moi.
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