Sunday, July 09, 2006


Because TSA Asked For It...

In lieu of strongly worded emails, please register your disgust in the comments section.


Hey! Can we have more video of the back of SMB's head? Actually, any view will do. Of any portion of his anatomy. Thanks!
I am completely shocked and appalled. You should know better than to perform a song about our lord that implies he would actually have to buy a beer, as opposed to miraculously converting the tap water into Guiness! For shame....
Hey ONA, being an "entrepreneur" of sorts, Jesus suports local business, including bars and taverns. We all have seen the flashing neon signs reading "BEER AND SPIRITS".
WWJD?... vote against Wal-Mart!! (but when it opens, shop there anyway. It's too damn convenient. I mean, crap, they have everything. Am I right?)
I doth truly feel thy pain TSA. The wal-mart coldly smites local color and centers of commerce as it plunders its way to miraculously good prices and sinfully gluttonous quantities of goods that only the most pious of Saints could thus resist.
Welcome to Middle English for Midwesterners 101. Please leave rats, drams of liquor, and puffy shirts out in the hall.
I've got an idea, let's try to make talking like ONA writes cool. We could replace the current crappy hip-hop lingo with Middle English for Midwesterners 101!!!

Dost thou imagine such speech to be the dopest in all the land?

Verily I say unto thee, word!
On a similar subject, check THIS out. I can't find a picture of it and I swear I'm not to blame....
This isn't vandalism! It's an expression of artistic anarchy!!
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