Friday, January 12, 2007


Sue Foley Photo Friday

Always good in B&W
Another Sue Foley Photo Friday is upon us. Whenever I think I'm going to run out of photos of my favorite blues guitarist, I find a whole bunch more on the net, like this one from Randy McNeill Photography. I really need to do a better job of crediting the fine folks who take these photos, particularly the professionals who take such excellent photos that I turn around and post on a blog that no one reads.

So, please, fine readers, consider Randy McNeill Photography for all of your music photography needs.



As your fake girlfriend, I certainly qualify under the no one category. I do wonder what color Sue's shirt is, though. And if it would coordinate with the infamous striped pants, should she ever choose to wear them together. Oooh, all of a sudden I'm having images of something like Cher dressed for a Hawaiian bar mitzvah...
Ms. Foley and Cher shall never be mentioned in the same breath again.....
Mea culpa for blaspheming so thoughtlessly all over the GCN. I do hope I haven't irreparably shredded the space/time continuum and altered forever life on earth as we know it. Wait a minute, is that George Clooney on my call waiting...maybe this is a good thing...
Apology for blasphamy accepted.

Get me your songwriters list. Planning to repost that soon.
Working on the list, I'll send it sometime this weekend. I was hoping you'd be more curious about what a Hawaiian bar mitzvah might look like.
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