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Editorial Control - An MBW Special

Hmmm....sounds like that would be like the pot calling the kettle black? -- the idea that some people will complain about anything?
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I complain on this blog. I complain a lot and even though I've dedicated one post a week to a Mega-Bitch, I've been known to bitch here on any given day. The Positive Tuesday posts often have a bitching component to them.

One is often born out of the other. When I'm asked to not act quite so smart by people, it reminds me that I have a brain that functions pretty well, something that truly amazes me on a daily basis. When people ask me to use it to less than its full capacity, or, worse yet, try to belittle me for having an actual working brain, I'll comment on that.

I'll complain. It's my fucking blog, I'll complain about any damn thing I want to. I'll complain about the (in my mind) unwarrented complaints of others.

From the 2004 Presidential Debates. And, by
the way, I think this is a great photo even if I
didn't do anything to it. You just know that Therese
said something that shocked Laura to get that
kind of response. News photos are cool!
I have full editorial control here. I was reminded of that last night when looking through some old Photoshop work I'd done for Mt. Blogmore. I could create things there, topical things that the Journal's graphic artists (assuming they have any) were unable to do. They had editorial control, though, and could choose to post or not to post graphics for any reason. This photo was returned and revisions were suggested. I thought I'd restrained myself in the first place (you should have seen the photo I wanted to make with John McCain and the Bush girls), but I made changes to make the photo less "questionable" and re-submitted. It still wasn't posted. That's fine, it was their editorial decision.

Later, I started BOJ News Service where I could post this kind of thing, having complete editorial control. I sort of stopped posting at Blogmore, I created a lot more content, TSA lent a hand and we did pretty much whatever we wanted.

I have deleted two posts on this blog, neither was a blatant attempt to hurt anyone, but upon reading them later, I realized that they could be hurtful and deleted them. The most recent deletion was urged by someone mentioned in that post. In truth, I probably deleted it a little hastily, but it was probably the right thing to do. It has since been reiterated by that person that I have full editorial control of The Globex Corporation Newsletter (and the link will bring you right back here, I also have the editorial control to do that which is blatently stupid and pointless).

I will complain about anything. When I look at old posts (which I do from time to time), I find the most compelling posts are the ones in which I'm bitching about something, just ranting, just going off on something that I think isn't right.

I'm a man though, I know I'm not always right. I also know that even if I am right, I will sometimes go off half-cocked, not thinking about the feelings of others. I try not to do that. I know I have and I know I will in the future.

And I'll take whatever that brings. I had a student a couple of years ago who was writing poetry for another class. He wrote a poem about a teacher and showed it to me. It was, to say the least, not flattering. It was also quite clever. I told him to write whatever he wanted, but be prepared to face the consequences. This is a kid who will most likely end up in prison (and I don't say that lightly, he'd already been through the legal system pretty extensivly as a middle school student), I don't know what he decided to do. He was all of fourteen years old, he'd obviously not shown restraint in his life previous to this. Even those who've shown poor judgement have editorial control.

The point is that it's my blog. They're my feelings and they're valid. I can choose to do with those feelings whatever I want here. I'll face the consequences too. I'm a big boy.


Wrote this in response to the previous comment, but sent it to the person directly. Just don't want anyone to think I'd ever let anyone get away with this kind of shit without any response

Heavens! I hope I don't come off as the only intelligent life in the universe. And I certainly hope I'm not!

You know, the very next post, following the one you commented on, celebrated the high degree of intelligence and creativity of Ben Folds. Doesn't really sound like someone who thinks he's "...the only intelligent life out there..."

Of course this all begs the question: "what is conceit?"

The first definition is, I'm guessing, what you are talking about:

con·ceit /kənˈsit/
1. an excessively favorable opinion of one's own ability, importance, wit, etc.

I'll admit that I have a favorable opinion of [my] own ability, particularly in the arena we were dealing with, I don't think it's excessive. And pointing out that your partner's response in a game of Trivial Pursuit couldn't possibly be right due to the wording of the question (it was "head of state", not "Hollywood actor") wasn't meant to belittle you and I don't think it warrented the response it got from you.
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